Prospero Group Enters into New Agreement and Becomes a Major Market Player in Water Purification

NASSAU, Bahamas, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Prospero Group (OTC: PRPG) through its largest shareholder, Cavitation Concepts Corporation Limited has been gearing up the last year to begin marketing water producing machines in The Bahamas, Central and South America. Final agreements have been made with Advanced Cavitation Technologies, Planets Purest Water and Island Sky, together with other alternative energy and Atmospheric Water Vapor Technologies.

Atmospheric Water Generating Technologies, Planets Purest Water and Island Sky operate and market these products as exclusive distributors under Sky Water Bahamas Limited.

Pending orders exceed 15,000 Air/Water generator machines. Some 1500 units are already sold and will be delivered before the end of February. Prospero Group will hire some 6 – 10 sales staff, delivery and maintenance employees in each major city.

To quick start operations, Planet Purest Water has entered into an Agreement with our distributing company for a minimum of 15,000 Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) systems during the first year of operation. In addition, an additional 25,000 units will ensure a total of over 40,000 units being delivered during the next year of operations.

Pyramid Power and ACT (“WETTECH”) Water & Energy Turbine Technology operating system are the application systems to produce in a cost efficient way potable water and alternative electricity. The first units are scheduled to be delivered in Nassau before March 1st, 2009 and installed in Whale Point, Eleuthera, Bahamas.

AIR/WATER GENERATOR (AWG) Technology condenses moisture in the air and purifies it into a superior grade of purified, potable water. While the principle and technology is well known, the application to AWG’s is fairly new and the water collected is purified and stored instead of being disposed of.

These units vary in size and production capabilities from a table top unit producing 3 gallons of water per day, to a water cooler style which can produce up to 14 gallons per day. Industrial units can produce up to 1,100 gallons per day and can also be run on solar power. Units are available for multiple applications from studios and small apartments to businesses, airports, military bases, resorts, boats and disaster relief agencies for emergency water supply (Hurricanes in Caribbean region).

The Water Purification and Alternative Energy systems together with other advanced technologies will generate revenues and profitability to ensure the success of Prospero Group operations in the future.



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