Executive Joins Emission Technology Leader Bio-Reaction Industries

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Bio-Reaction Industries, LLC (BRI)
is pleased to announce the appointment of John Griffith as its Chief Financial
Officer. Bio-Reaction Industries, an Oregon-based air pollution control
company is changing the way businesses address their industrial pollution with
an environmentally friendly solution which uses microbes to digest industrial
pollutants and odors.

Before joining Bio-Reaction, John Griffith was Founder, EVP and Chief
Financial Officer for TeliSmart.com, Inc., an online, full-service exchange of
surplus telecom equipment. Additionally, John is active in the business
community as a Divisional Board member of Umpqua Bank, on the Board of
StarveUps and on the finance committee of the Software Association of Oregon.

“I look forward to joining BRI, a fast growing socially conscious company
with a strong management team and the excitement of an aggressive role out. As
we are all focusing on reducing green house gases and lowering dependence on
natural gas it is great to join a company that is accomplishing that both here
in the U.S. and internationally,” Griffith commented.

After 28 years of experience with many successful companies, such as
Global Services Network and Web MD/Sapient Health Network, Griffith
understands the needs of an innovative business such as Bio-Reaction

“John is a strong proven leader and we welcome his contribution to BRI.
Industry increasingly supports our technology because it helps them save
energy and reduce its carbon footprint and with that increased demand, we have
increased needs which John can help us meet,” said Karl Mundorff,
President/CEO of Bio-Reaction Industries.

About Bio-Reaction Industries

Bio-Reaction Industries, LLC (BRI) pioneered a new generation of low
energy, environmentally friendly air pollution control systems that utilize
microbes to digest industrial pollutants and odors. Based in Tualatin, Oregon,
BRI’s advanced bio-oxidation systems cost dramatically less than thermal
oxidizers to operate, do not produce additional greenhouse gases (such as CO2,
NOx, SOx) and deliver the highest removal efficiency of any air phase bio
technology in the world. For more information, call 888.508.2808 or visit

[Via http://www.prnewswire.com]

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