Accio Energy Wins NSF Grant to Develop Game Changing Wind Energy Technology

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Accio Energy, Inc. received a
Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the National
Science Foundation (NSF). The amount of the grant is $97,800. The NSF grant
will fund development of product prototypes and a computer model that predicts
their efficiency.

Accio Energy is a seed stage company in Ann Arbor, MI developing a new
wind energy technology. Accio’s product is unique; incorporating a turbine-
free approach that converts wind energy to electricity without moving parts.
The SBIR grant will fund work leading to a commercial proof-of-concept
demonstration. “We’re excited that the National Science Foundation’s highly
competitive and technically rigorous peer review process resulted in funding
for our approach to wind energy conversion. The prestigious award is
recognition of the value of our aerovoltaic technology,” said Dr. Dawn White,
President of Accio Energy.

About Accio Energy, Inc.

Accio Energy, Inc. is developing aerovoltaic systems that directly convert
wind energy to electricity without the need for blades or a turbine. No
moving parts and no noise: A new direction in wind energy. Much as
photovoltaic technology revolutionized the solar energy market, aerovoltaic
technology will provide a direct and scalable electricity source from an
abundant free natural resource. Target installations are commercial,
government, and utility facilities. Accio Energy is testing prototype
hardware and expects to launch products in late 2010. To learn more:

    Jeff Basch
    General Manager
    Accio Energy, Inc.

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