Temple Inland Inc. Acquires Baby Wumbler License!

RIDGEWOOD, N.J., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ — The Giddy Gander Company has granted Temple-Inland Inc. (TIN Inc d/b/a Temple-Inland) the rights to use the Baby Wumbler image on all corrugated boxes and bins dedicated to the shipping and storage of all watermelon to supermarkets and similar facilities manufactured and shipped by Temple Inland Inc.

A well-established leader, Temple-Inland Inc. ranks among the top three producers of corrugated packaging in the industry, owning six containerboard mills and 64 converting facilities. http://www.templeinland.com

The Giddy Gander Company is the parent company to The Wumblers animated children’s series, http://www.wumblers.com, as well as The Wumbler Patch brand, newly established Wumbler Patch brick and mortar store, and upcoming Wumbler Patch e-commerce site, http://www.wumblerpatch.com, launching February 2009.

Partnered with the National Watermelon Association of the United States (NWA), http://www.nationalwatermelonassociation.com, and maintaining close ties with the entire watermelon industry, The Giddy Gander Company was introduced to Temple-Inland Inc. during the 2008 Annual Watermelon Industry Conference.

That meeting led to the current deal between Temple-Inland and The Giddy Gander Company, which centers upon the Baby Wumbler – the focus of The Wumblers series as well as the entire Wumbler Patch brand. Baby Wumblers are born from watermelon and provide a fun means to educate children to their social, global, environmental, and humanitarian responsibilities to humankind and the world.

It is the success of the Baby Wumbler that forced the launching of both Wumbler Patch stores and continues to drive the brand and series, which currently spans an extensive line of merchandise and apparel as well as global broadcast and multi-platform distribution deals. A full line of books and associated products will be coming to market Holiday of 2009.

Embodied in an adorable, plush toy that converts from a watermelon into a Baby Wumbler and back again, these Baby Wumblers are already being used by the NWA to teach children about nutrition in schools and educational venues throughout the United States. Temple-Inland Inc. will be supporting that learning in the adoption of the Baby Wumbler image on their corrugated watermelon boxes and bins, accompanied by the words “Caring for Families With Watermelon & Wumblers.” The Wumblers website address will also be displayed.

The Giddy Gander Company will be exhibiting the Baby Wumbler and entire Wumbler Patch line at Toyfair 2009 (Booth# 5048).

[Via http://www.prnewswire.com]

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