Fortressware’s Simple-to-Use Security Helps Everyone Go Green

Software Features Secure Data and Help the Environment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Fortressware, a leading innovator in data protection solutions for online, offline, and mobile users, today announced their new website featuring software and a new initiative to help professionals and individuals secure their information while managing environmental waste. Personal Fortress, announced at DEMOfall 2008, offers unique product features that support a ‘green’ approach to securely managing and sharing personal and business information.

Waste Reduction with Easy-to-Use Security

Personal Fortress provides complete security for any user in a solution that is extremely easy to use. “Everyone is concerned about the safety of information they share with others. It’s particularly challenging for individuals and professionals who may not have the IT support of an enterprise-based organization. In my business, I share confidential information with both my investment partners and portfolio companies. Personal Fortress is a tool that works without the support of an in-house IT group,” said Bill Unger, Partner Emeritus of Mayfield Fund.

“I also work with non-profit organizations with an environmental focus,” Unger continued. “Fortressware solutions address these issues too, allowing users to leverage and re-use supplies they already have. For example, there is no need to discard a used USB flash drive with a new one equipped with security software just to keep valuable files safely encrypted. Downloading Personal Fortress to the drives I have enables me to re-use my USB flash drives securely. The data on each drive is both encrypted and shielded from unauthorized replication of any form even when the data is decrypted and transferred to a hard disk. The result is an earth-friendly and economical approach to security.”

New Website Encourages Users to Think Green

Using Personal Fortress provides other benefits to the environment through features such as limiting the ability to print information shared with others or securing proprietary information shared with remote workers or employees working from home to reduce fuel consumption. “These are just a few examples of how Fortressware works for those interested in helping the environment, even in small ways. The new Fortressware website offers additional information on how Personal Fortress can be applied for personal or business usage,” according to CEO Ann Ting. “The site also features a contest for people to send in their own ideas and experiences on being green while securing their data.”

About Personal Fortress

Personal Fortress uniquely addresses security issues for individuals, professionals, and small businesses. The software combines encryption and unique anti-data propagation technology to create a leak resistant shield around files. Owners retain control over their sensitive files, preventing recipients from printing, copying, or forwarding them – at anytime, and from anywhere. And while most security solutions are designed for enterprises, Personal Fortress is ready-to-use without sophisticated server or upfront application configuration. A copy of Personal Fortress software can be downloaded at no charge from the new Fortressware website.

About Fortressware

Fortressware, a venture backed company, is an innovator of software solutions designed to ensure that sensitive information is always protected. It offers the simplest but most comprehensive solution for the growing data protection market, estimated to exceed $3B by 2011. For more information, visit



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