SunRun Helps Homeowners Go Solar With New, Flexible Plans

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ — SunRun (,
a leading provider of residential solar electricity, today announced two new
flexible payment options that will make residential solar more accessible to
homeowners. SunRun offers a simple and affordable alternative to purchasing or
renting a home solar system. All SunRun customers receive comprehensive
maintenance, repairs and insurance through its Full System Management
offerings, which remove the complexity and risk of going solar. With the
introduction of the SunRun Power Plan and SunRun Total Solar, SunRun gives its
customers additional flexibility on how they can pay for their solar service.
Announced today, the new SunRun Power Plan opens up SunRun’s trusted solar
service to more homeowners through a low upfront payment option.

Both SunRun Power Plan and SunRun Total Solar offer immediate savings on
monthly electricity bills.

    SunRun Power Plan:
    This plan offers customers who may have ruled out home solar due to high
    upfront costs new access: homeowners can pay as little as $2,000 upfront
    for solar service, with financing options available. Following the initial
    payment, the homeowner enjoys a fixed, low rate for his/her solar

    SunRun Total Solar:
    This plan allows customers to pay for their solar electricity entirely
    upfront. Homeowners often choose this option over purchasing a system
    because they don't want to deal with the hassles of ownership and
    maintenance. SunRun Total Solar also allows customers to get the value of
    the Federal Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) immediately, rather than waiting up
    to twelve months or more to receive it.

“When my wife and I first looked into going solar, the original bid we
received was far too much for what we were looking to spend at the time,” said
Chris Jordan, Camarillo resident and SunRun customer. “When we were approached
by a SunRun sales representative shortly thereafter, he showed us an
affordable new service option that we couldn’t refuse. Before we got our
SunRun Power Plan we paid an average of $300 a month for electricity from SCE.
Last month our SunRun bill was $74.98 and our SCE electricity bill was $1.10.
The savings speak for themselves, and we never have to worry about our solar
panels because SunRun takes care of everything.”

“Our new flexible payment options are in line with SunRun’s longstanding
approach to providing homeowners long-term, affordable and hassle-free solar,”
said Nat Kreamer, president and co-founder of SunRun. “Going solar is part of
a thoughtful and considerate process, and we have found that SunRun’s
customers are responsible homeowners who want to reduce electricity costs
without making any significant lifestyle changes. Today, we’re making home
solar accessible to everyone
) who wants to reduce their energy costs and make a smart and reliable
investment, regardless of how much they can pay upfront.”

    About Full System Management
    --  Money-back annual performance guarantee
    --  Full system insurance against damage and theft
    --  18-year extended warranty
    --  Comprehensive system maintenance and repairs
    --  Professional-grade, proactive system monitoring
    --  Regular panel washing at least once a year
    --  Realtime monitoring through a convenient online account

About SunRun

SunRun is a home solar company that provides a smart, affordable
alternative to purchasing a solar system outright or renting solar equipment.
SunRun purchases custom-designed home solar systems for its customers, who pay
a low fixed rate for the solar electricity produced by their system. All
SunRun customers receive money-back annual performance guarantees in addition
to professional-grade monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and insurance, which
removes the complexity and risk from going solar. SunRun’s goal is to provide
every home direct access to clean, affordable electricity. SunRun currently
serves communities in California. Additional information about SunRun is
available at



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