Top Social Media Companies Join Forces to Save 1 Million Trees

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Three internet-based companies
have started a campaign to save 1 million trees in 2009. PerfSpot, Yovia, and
the Privacy Council have created a new type of opt-in marketing registry that
consumers can utilize to prevent paper junk mail, a nuisance that fills up
mailboxes and kills an estimated one tree per household every year. A “Purge
and Re-subscribe” method lets consumers eliminate their address, phone number
and email from all major marketing databases. At the same time, people choose
which mailings and catalogs they do wish to receive.


Junk mail exacts a heavy environmental toll, killing trees and filling
landfills. Junk mail destroys roughly 100 million trees per year, and about
44% of junk mail is thrown away without being opened.

This initiative is being sponsored by leaders in social media to
demonstrate the power of strong social movement to impact change. As
marketers, these companies sought to take the lead in the movement toward
reducing unwanted emails, phone calls and junk mail.


PerfSpot was created to provide the perfect web portal for people to share
their favorite things on the web. The Internet is such a massive web of
information that sometimes it can be overwhelming. PerfSpot is the place where
you make the internet YOURS – your Perf pics, your Perf news, your Perf sites.

The Privacy Council

The Privacy Council offers a low-cost removal and monitoring service for
those who wish to select the emails, mail and phone calls they wish to

Help save 1 million trees:


Yovia is a community of people who spread the word about things that
matter. Yovia was founded to enable real discussion that impacts change,
creates jobs and provides a new messaging outlet for advertisers, politicians
and musicians.


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