Sacred Rocks Reserve and RV Park, Located at 3,900 Feet in the Mountains East of San Diego, First in Nation to Offer Solar-Powered Park Models to Consumers as Low-Cost Weekend Cottages

The public is invited to learn about benefits of solar technology and tour the nation’s first solar-powered park models during a Jan. 24 ‘Solar Party’ at Sacred Rocks Reserve

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers seeking a low-cost, environmentally friendly mountain retreat may find the vacation cottage of their dreams at Sacred Rocks Reserve and RV Park in the mountains east of San Diego.

The 163-acre resort and wilderness preserve, located at the 3,900-foot level near the oak-dotted town of Boulevard, is the first RV Park in the nation to offer solar-powered park models, which can be placed on leased sites and used as a weekend retreats or vacation cottages.

Typically upscale in appearance, park models are 400-square foot movable resort cottages with bay windows and lofts that are designed exclusively for part-time recreational use. “We think these units will be particularly appealing to consumers who want an affordable, environmentally friendly mountain retreat cottage,” said Sharon Courmousis, owner of Sacred Rocks Reserve, adding that the park is roughly an hour’s drive from San Diego and Imperial County and less than two hours from Yuma, Arizona. Prices start at around $55,000, with annual lease fees at Sacred Rocks averaging $4,800.

Manufactured by Phoenix-based Cavco Industries, the manufacturer in the country to produce solar powered park models, these units are equipped with solar panels that can save consumers anywhere from 25 to 75 percent on their utility bills.

Cavco’s solar powered park models remain on the grid, collecting power on sunny days, sending it into the grid, and generating credits for the consumer. “The savings can be tremendous because these units are used as weekend or vacation homes,” says Meredith McClintock, CEO of Ready Solar Inc., the Redwood City, CA company that provides the solar panels for Cavco’s park models.

A Solar Party, co-hosted by Ready Solar Inc. and Cavco, will be held at Sacred Rocks Reserve January 24, from 1 to 3 pm. Open to the public, the event will provide an opportunity for consumers, government officials and members of the news media to tour the nation’s first solar-powered park models.

“We’ll provide information about how the technology of solar works, as well as the short and long-term benefits to the consumer,” says McClintock.

Public RSVP for Solar Party to:, or call: (619) 766-4480. Media Guests: To RSVP or for more information on Sacred Rocks Reserve and RV Park, please contact MEDIA ARTS: (760) 877-0619 or visit, where photos are available.

For more information on Cavco’s park models and solar energy systems, please contact Tim Gage at (602) 763-5488 or Meredith McClintock at Ready Solar Inc. at (650) 299-9854. Visit their respective websites at and

    Press Contact:
    Marti Amado (760) 877-0619


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