Chrysler ENVI – Plugged Into the World

DETROIT, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ — With its rapidly growing portfolio of
ENVI-powered electric vehicles, Chrysler LLC is inspiring a personal mobility
revolution, creating a new generation of responsible, no-compromise Chrysler,
Dodge and Jeep(R) vehicles for consumers who care about the planet’s future
and want to take care of it.


Chrysler recently introduced three advanced electric-vehicle prototypes,
while expressing its intention to broaden its all-electric and Range-extended
Electric Vehicle portfolio across its vehicle lineup.

At the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Company
unveiled updated versions of those vehicles — along with two new electric
vehicles — reinforcing a commitment to developing and bringing to market a
broad array of advanced electric vehicles for the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge

Chrysler will produce at least one of these vehicles for North American
markets in 2010 (and European markets after 2010), with at least three more
models to follow by 2013.

“Chrysler’s broad portfolio of electric vehicle prototypes clearly
demonstrates that we are well on our way to bringing electric vehicles to our
consumers’ garages,” said Frank Klegon, Executive Vice President – Product
Development, Chrysler LLC. “With our ENVI-powered vehicles, Chrysler’s
strategy is to deliver customers a wide array of electric vehicles that
provide an environmentally friendly, clean, quiet and responsible driving

Between its ENVI electric-drive vehicles and GEM neighborhood electric
vehicles, Chrysler expects to have 500,000 electric vehicles on the road by

The Chrysler 200C EV concept is the definitive blend of provocative design
and leading-edge technology, representing what a next-generation Chrysler
sports sedan could be. The 200C EV concept also demonstrates Chrysler’s
leading edge in-vehicle connectivity. With 40 miles of all-electric range,
this Range-extended Electric Vehicle is capable of a 400-mile total driving

The new Jeep Patriot EV combines ENVI’s Range-extended Electric Vehicle
drive system with the industry’s most capable compact sport-utility vehicle
(SUV). Like all Chrysler Range-extended Electric Vehicles, the Patriot EV uses
an integrated small-displacement engine and electric generator to produce
additional electricity to power the electric-drive system when needed.

Dodge showcases a new version of its all-electric sports car: the Dodge
Circuit EV. Featuring new fearless Dodge front and rear designs and a new
Dodge interior, the Dodge Circuit EV boasts a range of 150-200 miles with zero
gasoline consumption and zero tailpipe emissions.

The combination of capability and fuel efficiency is demonstrated in the
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV. A Range-extended Electric Vehicle, the Wrangler
Unlimited EV provides a glimpse into the future of a “Go Anywhere, Do
Anything” vehicle from the iconic Jeep brand.

Chrysler rounds out its current electric-vehicle portfolio with the
Chrysler Town & Country EV — the perfect fuel-efficient family vehicle. It,
too, delivers 40 miles of all-electric range — 400 total — without
sacrificing the significant convenience and utility of Chrysler’s award-
winning minivan.

Chrysler ENVI

The development of Chrysler’s Electric Vehicles and Range-extended
Electric Vehicles is led by ENVI — representing the first four letters of
“environmental” — the Company’s in-house organization that was formed in late
2007 to focus on electric-drive production vehicles and related advanced

ENVI is an empowered, cross-functional, nimble team that can move quickly
and has access to the vast resources within Chrysler to allow rapid
proliferation of electric-drive vehicles.

“ENVI is quickly bringing electric vehicles to market, completely changing
the game for our customers,” said Lou Rhodes, President – ENVI, and Vice
President – Advance Vehicle Engineering. “Chrysler’s ENVI-powered electric
vehicles will allow consumers to move away from their reliance on fuel
stations and traditional maintenance, and instead enjoy a new, more socially
responsible level of performance — instant torque, quietness, smoothness and
efficiency — that today’s internal combustion engine vehicles can’t offer.

“ENVI harnesses the promise of electric vehicles, but takes it further,”
Rhodes added. “By working with electric utilities and with battery
manufacturers, we are developing a seamless approach to electric-vehicle
ownership — an approach that will soon allow consumers to move brilliantly
forward in an environmentally friendly, intuitive mobility package.”

ENVI’s Electric Vehicles and Range-extended Electric Vehicles will
significantly reduce dependency on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

Chrysler will apply its ENVI electric-drive technology to each of its
brands, and to its front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive and body-on-frame four-
wheel-drive platforms.

“As demonstrated with our lineup of ENVI electric-vehicle prototypes,
Chrysler is quickly moving toward using electricity to power the bold
performance of Dodge vehicles, the versatility and capability of Jeep
vehicles, and the comfort and functionality of Chrysler vehicles,” Rhodes

Chrysler’s All-electric Vehicle Technology

Chrysler’s ENVI-powered Electric Vehicles utilize just three primary
components. These include an electric motor to drive the wheels, an advanced
lithium-ion battery system to power the electric-drive motor, and a controller
that manages energy flow.

“ENVI Electric Vehicle technology will provide customers with vehicles
that achieve zero tailpipe emissions and a 150 to 200 mile driving range,”
Rhodes said. “This far exceeds most Americans’ daily commutes, as nearly 80
percent of Americans drive less than 40 miles per day, or 14,000 miles per

“Chrysler’s ENVI-powered Electric Vehicles provide the opportunity to
fulfill social responsibility, reduce dependency on foreign oil, and eliminate
monthly gasoline bills, while delivering performance and utility that our
customers desire,” Rhodes added.

The result of ENVI’s Electric Vehicle technology is a completely new
driving experience that delivers instantaneous acceleration and
responsiveness. The electric-drive technology enables a new standard of quiet,
smooth and efficient operation.

Recharging a Chrysler all-electric vehicle is a simple one-step process:
plugging into a standard 110-volt household outlet. The recharge time can be
cut in half by using a typical 220-volt household appliance power outlet.

Chrysler’s Range-extended Electric Vehicle Technology

The Range-extended Electric Vehicle combines the electric-drive components
of the ENVI Electric Vehicle with a small gasoline engine and integrated
electric generator to produce additional energy to power the electric-drive
system when needed. This provides the positive attributes of an Electric
Vehicle with the driving range equivalent to today’s gasoline-powered vehicles
— with no compromises in performance.

ENVI’s Range-extended Electric Vehicles can travel 40 miles on battery
power alone using zero gasoline and producing zero tailpipe emissions. A small
internal combustion engine and integrated generator produces electricity that
extends the range to 400 miles.

Range-extended Electric Vehicles offer environmental responsibility
without giving up driving range, comfort or utility.

The recharging process and time for a Range-extended Electric Vehicle is
the same as an all-electric vehicle, using either a 110-volt or 220-volt


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