Carbonetworks Launches Corporate Carbon Portal for Enterprise Customers

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Carbonetworks today
announced the launch of the Corporate Carbon Portal, an online web tool that
allows enterprise customers to create a customized web presence demonstrating
how they are reducing carbon emissions. Hosted by Carbonetworks, the online
web portals are customized for each client to showcase environmental
stewardship by publishing their carbon management strategies, reduction
activities and other corporate environmental initiatives.

“Through the Corporate Carbon Portal we’re providing our customers with
the opportunity to demonstrate the tremendous strides they’re making in an
effort to reduce carbon emissions,” said Michael Meehan, president & CEO of
Carbonetworks. “Not only does it show our clients’ corporate commitment to the
environment, it also provides an easy way to communicate to employees,
shareholders and customers how the company has taken steps to meet this
commitment and how these steps will affect the financial bottom line.”

The Corporate Carbon Portal provides a snapshot of carbon reduction
initiatives running on the Carbonetworks platform, as well as graphics and
charts to illustrate emissions reduction activities in action. The portal page
is highly customizable allowing corporations to add branding, links to other
environmental projects or partners and even a note from the CEO to discuss the
corporate commitment to the environment. The portal can be shared internally
or externally and is included in a Carbonetworks subscription, all powered by
the Carbonetworks Platform.

The Corporate Carbon Portal helps enterprise customers realize the
potential of managing carbon information and data on the network while
communicating these efforts to their customers. Content for the Corporate
Carbon Portal is pulled directly from Carbonetworks’ Emissions Management
Platform, which provides in-depth analysis of corporate emissions and
reduction strategies.

Carbonetworks’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model assesses the corporate
carbon footprint, pinpoints emission reduction opportunities and develops
robust carbon management strategies that are based on company-specific data.
Its network of carbon reduction projects is the only one of its kind, creating
a highly diversified carbon investment portfolio for clients.

About Carbonetworks

Carbonetworks is a software platform designed to help organizations
participate in global carbon markets, even in countries without carbon
regulation. The Carbonetworks Emissions Management Platform allows companies
to manage emissions as financial assets or liabilities and connects them to a
global network of carbon reductions. Its innovative solutions help private
and public sector organizations prepare for entry into emerging global carbon
markets by first consolidating clients’ carbon inventories and then evaluating
alternatives on a financial basis (e.g., carbon trading, offsets or
investments) to determine the best course of action for their business.
Carbonetworks currently serves hundreds of subscribers in over 30 countries
including some of the largest and most active companies and governments in the


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