Waste & Recycling Industry Hit by Recession, Too; EIN News’ Waste Management & Recycling Today Offers Extended Coverage

WASHINGTON, Dec. 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — From California to Taiwan, from Guam to Britain, countless media reports tell the same story: the global recession has driven down the cost of recyclables while driving up recycling costs. Unable to cover these costs with revenue, independent collectors, brokers or recycling factories are calling for government assistance to help them weather out the difficult times.

Responding to a growing number of requests for a news website on this hot topic, EIN News has launched Waste Management & Recycling Today to cover the global news on all kinds of waste & recycling issues that have both consumers and producers watching. From technology to transportation, and from the United States to the United Arab Emirates — Waste Management & Recycling Today puts the news into a format that all concerned communities, individuals and business professionals can use every day.



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The publisher of Waste Management & Recycling Today, EIN News, was established in 1995, and through the years has built more than 200,000 news feeds organized within 50 individual news sites. The company has launched the well-known “Russia Today” brand and opened internet news access to China with “Inside China Today.”

Offering a unique combination of human editing and proprietary scanning software, EIN News won Europe’s coveted Momentum Award as the most innovative internet company on the continent. Serving thousands of customers daily, the company distributes its feeds via email or mobile news alerts, online and other channels such as Newsfeedmaker.com.

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[Via http://www.prnewswire.com]


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