Tremco Awarded Ohio Third Frontier $1 Million Grant

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Tremco Incorporated has been
awarded a $1 million Third Frontier Advanced Energy Program (TFAEP) grant from
the State of Ohio in the Advanced Materials category.

Tremco and its project collaborators, in particular Xunlight of Toledo,
Ohio, propose to leverage Ohio’s outstanding building materials and
photovoltaic (PV) research and development capacity to commercialize a unique,
durable, high-performance — but removable — building-integrated photovoltaic
(BIPV) roofing solution targeting the grid-tied commercial marketplace, in
which businesses are able to sell excess electricity back to the utility. The
project team will integrate thin-film, flexible PV modules into Tremco’s
innovative roofing systems.

The proposed product is in the Incubating (development) Phase of the Third
Frontier Technology Commercialization Framework. Building on its experience
and knowledge in photovoltaic systems, combined with the expertise of its
partners and the support of the TFAEP grant, Tremco’s innovative BIPV system
will be a significant advancement over existing systems. The company expects
to develop new processes and technologies which will help the system advance
the cause of “green” construction, and have a positive impact both on Ohio’s
economy and on energy costs for those using the BIPV system.

The project is closely aligned with Ohio’s interests in advanced materials
and advanced energy systems. Ohio is also positioned well to support the
project, with its financial commitment to solar power, network of research
universities, integrated supply chain and experienced workforce. The Alliance
(Ohio) City Schools will serve as an initial customer for the new roofing

The project promises further research in the area of “cradle-to-cradle”
roofing systems. In a cradle-to-cradle relationship, the roof is leased to
the building owner; at the end of its useful life, it is removed and recycled
into a new roof. Cradle-to-cradle systems are growing in popularity as raw
material prices continue to rise and America becomes increasingly aware of
environmental concerns.

About Tremco Incorporated

Headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, Tremco Incorporated is a $1.2 billion
commercial building envelope materials and service provider. Tremco’s
products and services are sold in more than 150 countries and territories.
Tremco is a major industrial component of RPM International, located in
Medina, Ohio. RPM International has annual revenues exceeding $3.3 billion,
employs more than 9,400 people worldwide and operates 94 manufacturing
facilities in 16 countries.

Within Tremco Incorporated, the Roofing and Building Maintenance Division
helps manage building life cycles while providing roofing and weatherproofing
peace of mind to customers in education, healthcare, government, manufacturing
and many other industries. The Roofing Division has the experience, marketing
channels and sales force to successfully commercialize the BIPV roof. Having
enjoyed great success commercializing its vegetative roofing systems (a
complementary, innovative roofing system), they can apply the lessons learned
in that effort to the roll-out of BIPV roofing. In business since 1928,
Tremco’s Roofing Division and its subsidiary Weatherproofing Technologies Inc.
are ISO 9001:2000 certified. To learn more, visit us at
or call toll-free at 800/562-2728.

About the Third Frontier Advanced Energy Program (TFAEP)

The program awards grants to accelerate the development and growth of the
advanced energy industry in Ohio by direct financial support to organizations
seeking to commercialize new products, manufacturing processes or
technologies, or to adapt or modify existing components or systems that can
reduce the cost of advanced energy systems or address technical and
commercialization barriers.



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