Avipel Corn Seed Treatment to Repel Birds Gets EPA Approval in Minnesota

NEW CASTLE, Del., Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Arkion Life Sciences has received US EPA approval to market Avipel(R) Corn Seed Treatment in Minnesota for the 2009 planting season. The Section 18 application filed by the State of Minnesota is effective December 5, 2008, through July 30, 2009. Arkion’s proprietary bird repellent Avipel(R), formerly known as Avitec, protects both field and sweet corn seed against foraging cranes.

According to Ken Ballinger, Arkion Life Sciences has been a pioneer in the development and commercialization of several formulations of bird repellent and bird management technologies. Arkion’s patented formulations of anthraquinone have been effectively repelling geese with FlightControl(R) Plus and repelling birds from structures through the Airepel Humane Bird Management business.

This is the fourth year Minnesota has been approved for this Section 18 and allows Minnesota farmers to treat up to 625,000 acres of corn seed during the season. Avipel(R) Corn Seed Treatment is non-lethal to birds but highly effective in repelling them. Various organizations have supported Arkion’s development of bird repellents including The International Crane Foundation (ICF), The United States Humane Society and the Audubon Society. ICF spearheaded the cause to find a solution to the growing conflict between farmers and the cranes eating their planted seed. “We have been working since 2000 to find a way to support the growing crane population and, at the same time, save our farmers’ crops and Avipel(R) is the solution,” said Jeb Barzen, ICF spokesperson in Baraboo, WI.

Arkion(R) has three major businesses: Bio-Technical Resources (Manitowoc, WI) develops and improves processes and products based on fermentation technology for contract customers as well as internal needs; hyperimmune eggs with markets in human and animal nutrition; and bird repellent applications for crop, structure and turf protection.

[Via http://www.prnewswire.com]

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