Conservation Services Group Praises Obama’s Energy and Environmental Picks

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Conservation Services Group (CSG), a non-profit, national energy services firm based in Massachusetts, today praised President-Elect Obama for his selection of top energy and environmental officers. Stephen L. Cowell, CEO, said the appointments of Carol Browner, Stephen Chu and Lisa Jackson underscore President-Elect Obama’s commitment to solving the climate crisis. He said, “Finally, the welfare of our planet will be a priority once again.”

According to CSG, Browner, former EPA Administrator under President Clinton; Chu, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director and Jackson, New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection, is a triumvirate of scientific and management talent that will put the environment and new technologies on center stage. Browner, as “energy czar,” Nobel prize winner Chu as energy secretary and Jackson, as EPA administrator, will advocate for sound policies that advance the nation towards a clean energy economy.

Cowell, a 30+ year industry veteran and leading advocate of energy efficiency policies, hopes that these new leaders will put conservation strategies at the top of their agenda. He says energy efficiency is still the cheapest, simplest way to put money back into people’s pockets and meet environmental goals. Said Cowell, “Insulation may not be as glamorous as solar panels or wind turbines, but “energy efficiency is the new oil.”

Cowell believes that funding and expanding existing conservation programs should be a cornerstone of Obama’s plan, not just a pebble on the path to a better energy future. He added, “Energy efficiency is the gift that keeps on giving.”

Like President-Elect Obama, Cowell started out as a community organizer after graduating from Brown University. He started his career in energy in state government during the Carter Presidency and has seen a wide range of positive and negative federal energy policies ever since. Under the Obama administration, Cowell envisions the implementation of one of the most effective energy plans to come out of the White House in many years.

Cowell founded CSG in 1984 with one employee (himself) and a small grant. On the eve of its 25th anniversary, CSG now has nearly 400 employees, several offices and multi-million dollar revenues. Cowell is president and a co-founder of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Council, and participates in several other industry associations. Actively involved in regional and national energy policy development, he frequently provides testimony to Congress on “green” jobs, renewable energy, conservation strategies and policy.

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