TechInsights Celebrates Online Success

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — TechInsights today announces record
online traffic and revenues, representing year-over-year revenue growth of 15%
and page view growth of 9.4%.(1) As well, recent independent Hitwise
statistics revealed that TechInsights had more than double the web traffic of
TechInsights’ three primary competitors combined in each of the preceding six
months. “There is unprecedented pressure on marketing teams to deliver cost
effective programs with meaningful and measurable results,” stated Paul
Miller, CEO TechInsights. “Central to this is our commitment to continue to
build and leverage online communities and databases in the electronics
industry that deliver more qualified prospects to our sponsors in real time.
And we are having tremendous success with 580,000+ registered engineering
contacts, 400,000+ newsletter subscribers, and 71,000+ subscribers to the US
digital edition of EE Times.”

As well, TechInsights continues to make great strides with its Performance
Marketing initiative that delivers demonstrable ROI in support of client
objectives like brand awareness, product launch, and lead generation. Here is
a recent sampling of client results:

    -- A TechInsights sponsored webinar delivered over 1,600 unique
       registrations for a US-based analog vendor by time of live broadcast.
    -- A TechInsights sponsored white paper delivered over 16,800 unique leads
       across two languages for a European test and measurement vendor.
    -- A TechInsights' Fundamentals of Microcontrollers course delivered over
       6,500 unique leads to a European-based microcontroller company.

“While print to targeted audiences remains a core component of the
TechInsights portfolio, we have made the transition from a print
publishing-centric to online-centric business model as demanded by you,”
stated Miller. “As a result, we are updating our metrics and reporting and are
resigning from BPA effective immediately.” Moving forward, TechInsights is
pleased to introduce the EE Times EARmark Report — a quarterly compilation of
TechInsights’ US and European online, event, and print product performance
that incorporate independently verified data from Hitwise, Quantcast, the US
Postal Service, and Exhibit Surveys. As well, TechInsights continues to invest
in the leads portal,, so clients can track what’s
directly relevant to them in real time.

Finally, following EE Times Europe’s example, TechInsights will engage
with all advertising customers to add digital delivery of the print vehicle to
their databases each issue driving reach upwards across the target audience.

About TechInsights (

TechInsights is the global leader in media, marketing, and professional
services for the electronics industry. We deliver results for the “Creators of
Technology” — those key influencers and decision makers involved in the
definition, development, protection, and commercialization of technology and
related intellectual property. More than 1.1 million engineering professionals
engage with our online brands — EE Times, TechOnline, DesignLines, and — monthly across Europe, India, Japan, Taiwan, mainland China
and North America. As well, the technology community comes to our face-to-face
events — the Embedded Systems Conferences and Intellectual Property
Symposia — to share, learn, discuss, and advance the critical issues and
challenges facing the electronics industry. Finally, for those clients with a
specific technology, or intellectual property objective we engage on a custom
basis through our TechInsights Professional Services team — Portelligent,
Sanguine Microelectronics, and Semiconductor Insights.

TechInsights is a division of United Business Media, a global provider of
news distribution and specialist information services with a market
capitalization of more than $1.6B.

     For more information on TechInsights please contact:
     Jenn Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, TechInsights
     T: +613.599.6500, email:

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    (1) Publisher and Omniture data, Sept - Nov 2008 compared to
        Sept - Nov 2007



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