TheClean.Org and Clean Power Now: Rep. Oberstar Interference With Cape Wind Process in Direct Conflict With His Stated Renewable Energy Policy

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Clean Power Now Director Barbara Hill today issued the following statement:

“Reminiscent of Senator Ted Steven’s effort to derail the regulatory review process for Cape Wind, Congressman James Oberstar is attempting to derail the Federal Environmental Impact Statement to be released this month. Oberstar has issued a letter to Commandant Thad Allen of the Coast Guard ‘requesting’ an extraordinary review of the Coast Guard’s ruling that Cape Wind does not present any navigation hazards. Oberstar’s letter comes at the request of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and at the request of a number of Massachusetts elected officials who have long used their political clout to fight the wind farm.

Rep. Oberstar has asked for this extension on process grounds at the 11th hour and after 8 years of regulatory review. This is clearly a device to delay and create further obstacles for Cape Wind at a time when the country needs and is ready to move toward wind power. While support for Cape Wind among Massachusetts taxpayers is at an all time high, political elites and wealthy opponents of the project are pulling every trick in the book to further delay this important renewable energy project. It did not work when Senator Stevens attempted to derail the project and we are committed to ensuring that these maneuvers don’t work again.

Mr. Oberstar’s actions are in conflict with President-elect Obama’s commitment to a clean energy economy and the jobs it will create. It is also in direct conflict with Chairman Oberstar’s membership on the House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, where he has stated that he ‘strongly support[s] the development and distribution of technology that can make energy generation clean and sustainable.’ Cape Wind is clean and sustainable technology, and Chairman Oberstar should withdraw his request that the Coast Guard commandant delay the release of its report.

It is also ironic that Oberstar is interfering with this particular renewable energy project since offloading of wind turbines is a major growth industry at the port of Duluth, the largest city in his district. Duluth, along with other cities in Minnesota, is recognized as being a particularly environmentally-conscious community. Massachusetts citizens have been eager to see Cape Wind built and we hope Congressman Oberstar will reconsider this ill-timed and politically motivated intervention.

Importantly, Congressman Oberstar’s threat to hold hearings on the Coast Guard’s position is alarming. Most people on Capitol Hill recognize that oversight committees also hold the purse strings. This constitutes an implied threat … political blackmail for the Coast Guard. This comes at a time we need to be increasing the Coast Guard budget for national security reasons. Port security is one of the primary challenges we face for homeland security. Even implied threats over the Coast Guard’s budget are irresponsible and in conflict with Oberstar’s own record. “

Barbara Hill

Clean Power Now

569 Main St., Ste. 9

Hyannis, MA 02601

(508) 775-7796

Clean Power Now is joined in campaigning for safe, clean renewable energy by, a collaborative movement of 100 state and grassroots organizations and individuals from every region of the country. The groups are mobilizing phone calls and emails to Rep. Oberstar, as well as calls and emails in support of the coast Guard. For more information, please visit Clean Power Now at and at


Clean Power Now is a non-profit organization that informs and empowers citizens to support viable renewable energy projects and policies and to secure their local and regional benefits.

Clean Power Now believes that timely development of such projects, in conjunction with energy efficiency and conservation, will bring about a clean and healthy environment, an improved economy and a more secure, sustainable America. Clean Power’s immediate focus is to increase citizen support of offshore wind power in Nantucket Sound.

To find out more about “The Vision” cable access series, to support Clean Power Now or for more information on the organization or its collaboration with CLEAN, contact Clean Power Now at (508) 775-7796, write to PO Box 2717, Hyannis, MA 02601, or check out the web at

ABOUT THECLEAN.ORG and CSI ( is a collaborative movement of state and local organizations and individuals who will encourage and support policy makers at all levels of government to implement new energy policies. The Civil Society Institute worked with grassroots organizations across the United States to help organize the campaign.

The nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute ( is a think tank that serves as a catalyst for change by creating problem-solving interactions among people, and between communities, government and business that can help to improve society. Since 2003, CSI has conducted more than 20 major surveys and reports on energy and auto issues, including vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, consumer demand for hybrids/other highly-fuel efficient vehicles, global warming and renewable energy. In addition to being a co-convener of, the Civil Society Institute also is the parent organization of ( and the Hybrid Owners of America (


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