Investment Index Benchmarks Affirm Johnson Controls’ Financial and Sustainability Strengths

MILWAUKEE, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) has again
been named to 10 global and domestic indexes which provide investment managers
with the criteria they need to make “buy” decisions, underscoring the
company’s success at strengthening its commitment to financial and
sustainability performance.


“Our inclusion in this suite of renowned indexes is a direct reflection of
our ability to maintain and improve our corporate responsibility standards,”
said Charles A. Harvey, vice president, Diversity and Public Affairs, Johnson
Controls. “It is our goal to continually provide the best stakeholder value
possible while displaying leadership in our social and environmental
initiatives worldwide.”

Placement in the benchmark KLD indexes reflects the company’s commitment
to bolstering its performance, as well as providing investment managers with
strategic criteria for their investment decisions. Globally, 31 of the top 50
institutional money managers use KLD’s research to integrate environmental,
social and governance factors into their investment decisions. Currently more
than $10 billion is invested in vehicles based on KLD’s Indexes.

The 10 indexes include the Domini 400 Social Index, a market
capitalization-weighted common stock index, which monitors the performance of
400 U.S. corporations that pass multiple, broad-based social screens. The
Global Climate 100 Index, which also named Johnson Controls, recognizes the
top 100 companies from 15 countries that KLD expects will provide near-term
solutions to global warming.

Johnson Controls has maintained inclusion on these two indexes since their
inception in 2003 and 2005, respectively. The other eight indexes to which
Johnson Controls was named include:

    -- KLD Catholic Values 400 Index (CV400) -- included since 2003
    -- KLD Broad Market Social Index (BMSI) -- included since 2002
    -- KLD Large Cap Social Index (LCSI) -- sub-index of the BMSI
    -- KLD Large-Mid Cap Social Index (LMSI) -- sub-index of the BMSI
    -- KLD Dividend Achievers Social Index (DASI) -- included since 2006 index
    -- KLD Select Social Index (SSI) -- included since 2004 index inception

    -- Global Sustainability Index (GSI) -- included since 2007 index
    -- North America Sustainability Index (NASI) -- included since 2007 index

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) is the global leader that brings ingenuity to
the places where people live, work and travel. By integrating technologies,
products and services, we create smart environments that redefine the
relationships between people and their surroundings. Our team of 140,000
employees creates a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world through our
products and services for more than 200 million vehicles, 12 million homes and
one million commercial buildings. Our commitment to sustainability drives our
environmental stewardship, good corporate citizenship in our workplaces and
communities, and the products and services we provide to customers. For
additional information, please visit

About KLD Indexes

KLD Indexes is a unit of KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., the leading
provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research for
institutional investors. KLD Indexes develops and licenses benchmark, strategy
and custom indexes, which investment managers use to integrate ESG criteria
into their investment decisions.



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