Indie Energy and Local 150 IUOE Ink Agreement for Green Energy and Green Jobs in Chicago Area

Chicago Geothermal Firm and Major Labor Union Sign Geothermal Agreement for Energy Efficient New Buildings and Retrofits

CHICAGO, Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Indie Energy Systems Company and Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO today entered into a labor agreement covering the construction of local geothermal energy fields for heating and cooling Chicago-area buildings. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called geothermal the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available.


James M. Sweeney, President and Business Manager of Local 150 IUOE, stated: “Local 150 is taking a leadership role in the construction of our new clean energy infrastructure, and this Geothermal Agreement with Indie Energy is part of that strategy. We bring a deep bench of expertise and a proven commitment to training to the development of green energy and green jobs in Chicagoland.”

“Organized labor, along with the private and public sectors, are the three pillars upon which the new renewable energy economy will be built,” said Daniel Cheifetz, Indie Energy CEO. “Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers is one of the preeminent unions in the United States. We look forward to working with them to develop a green collar workforce that earns a real living wage while revitalizing neighborhoods and helping everyone achieve independence from expensive and dirty

energy,” Cheifetz added.

Supporting the Chicago Climate Action Plan with Green Energy, Green Jobs, and Green Technology

“Renewable energy sources are an important part of our strategy to make Chicago the greenest city in the nation. We believe that geothermal energy is a promising strategy for reducing emissions and are excited to see a local business providing Chicagoans with solid jobs in the new green economy,” said Suzanne Malec-McKenna, City of Chicago Environment Commissioner.

Indie Energy’s Technologies Make Large-Scale Urban Geothermal Building Systems Feasible for the First Time

In order to make geothermal feasible within the constraints of the urban environment, Indie Energy has developed specialized engineering and drilling technologies. For the first time, it is now possible to develop large-scale urban geothermal building systems that save between 50% and 80% of heating, cooling, and ventilation costs in commercial, residential, and public buildings. The Geothermal Agreement between Local 150 and Indie Energy will accelerate the adoption and implementation of Indie Energy Systems in new buildings and major retrofit projects through a skilled labor pool and training synergies.

For additional information about Indie Energy and its Geothermal Building Systems, contact Erik Larson at 847-371-1604, or visit

About Indie Energy Systems Company

Indie Energy develops geothermal-based, renewable energy systems for commercial and public buildings, planned unit developments, and single-family homes. By uniquely combining design engineering with specialized drilling technology and full system build scope, Indie Energy delivers turnkey systems that deliver dramatic reductions in operating costs while eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. As a triple bottom-line enterprise, Indie Energy is proving how green energy can be developed to create green jobs where they are needed most.

About Local 150 IUOE

Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO, is a labor organization representing employees principally in Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. At 23,000 strong, Local 150 is one of the largest local unions in the Country. Originally chartered as a construction union, Local 150 now represents working people in a variety of industries including construction, construction materials production, steel mill services/slag processing, landscaping, and many, many others.



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