Inaugural Celebrations Will Have Environmental Impact

Event Emissary Produces the First Green Inaugural Ball and Encourages Others to Follow Suit

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Event Emissary, a DC-based event planning company, announced today that it will host the first eco-friendly Inaugural celebration. The Green Ball will kick-off the Inaugural on January 17, 2009 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium.

Co-founder Jenna Mack explains, “There is no better opportunity to bring the need for eco-event planning to the forefront. With millions of visitors headed to Washington for President-Elect Obama’s swearing in ceremony and accompanying celebrations, the impact on our environment will be substantial. Our goal is to create an unforgettable evening while treading lightly on the earth.”

Every facet of The Green Ball is designed to reduce the impact on the environment. Catering will be 100% organic and include both vegetarian and vegan options. The bars will feature local and organic beverages. Food waste and floral arrangements will be composted and bottles will be recycled. Decorative lighting will focus on the use of LED Color Blasts that utilize a fraction of the power compared to more traditional lighting sources. Entertainment audio-visual production will be tailored to minimize environmental impact, using only the most efficient lighting and equipment.

Although power usage and transportation cannot be completely eliminated in the hosting of any event, the Green Ball designers will minimize the use of power and transportation. “That which cannot be reduced will be offset,” says Mack. “Energy usage will be measured closely and offset through the purchase of wind power credits. Transportation for deliveries to the event, as well as vendor and staff transportation will be offset through the purchase of carbon credits.”

“While one green event is a step in the right direction, our goal is to bring attention to this issue while the Presidential Inaugural Committee and many other groups are still early in their planning. We hope to set an example to other organizations and encourage them to green their events, as well,” says Stephanie Campbell, Co-founder.

“We are thrilled that so many people are coming to Washington for this historic Inauguration. We hope that each person traveling to DC chooses to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. From offsetting travel to dining on local cuisine, a real impact can be made when individuals make the choice to go green,” states Mack. “Every choice we make counts, and many, like buying a vintage gown, offer a chance to be creative, and have some fun with something that’s also good for the world.”

Information on The Green Ball and its eco-friendly design can be found at The Green Ball website is hosted by, a solar-powered green web hosting company based in California.



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