Shangri-La Industries, LLC Teams With Thompson National Properties, LLC to Form $100 Million TNP/SLI Green Building Fund to Accelerate Sustainable Real Estate Development

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Shangri-La Industries, LLC and
Thompson National Properties, LLC, jointly announced today the formation of a
$100 million fund, the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund. The objective of the
TNP/SLI Green Building Fund is to invest in valueadd commercial and industrial
assets that can be retrofitted, repositioned or redeveloped as energy
efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Properties selected by the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund for investment and
sustainable development design build services will focus on buildings that
will meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED) Certification criteria that will enhance the
value, efficiency and marketability of these real estate assets.

In conjunction with the announcement of the $100 million TNP/SLI Green
Building Fund, Shangri-La Industries’ specialty unit, Shangri-La Construction,
that offers sustainable design, consulting and construction management and
services, unveiled the world’s first Platinum LEED certified aviation hangar
at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California.

“We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Thompson National
Properties to work with property owners to upgrade structures to feature
intelligent design and sustainable features that can significantly lower
operating costs while conserving natural resources,” commented Andy Meyers,
President, Shangri-La Industries. “All of the green features in Hangar 25 that
can help businesses become more environmentally sustainable are directly
transferable to commercial and institutional facilities such as offices,
universities, warehousing and manufacturing.”

Hangar 25, located at the Bob Hope Airport, features a solar-powered roof
system that supplies 110% of all necessary power needs including clean
powering of aircraft auxiliary power units in use while aircraft are on the
ground, tow and maintenance vehicles and office operations. Surplus clean
power is sent back to the municipal electric grid. Additional sustainable
innovations that helped the facility earn platinum certification include a HI-
FOG water-based fire suppression system, evaporative coolers and fans to
manage temperature control, low-emitting materials and furnishings, low water
plumbing fixtures and low water landscaping featuring native desert plants and
no-mow, no-water Synlawn grass.

“In property development and management, ‘green’ facilities are very
attractive to owners and tenants for multiple reasons, foremost being energy
efficiency,” said Tony Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Thompson National
Properties. “We’re proud to partner with Shangri-La Industries in the creation
of the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund to provide capital to increase the use of
sustainable development practices, and are confident that Shangri-La
Construction’s sustainable approach and expertise will contribute significant
value to projects the fund pursues.”

About Shangri-La Construction

Shangri-La Construction is a build design and consulting company that
provides the construction expertise to encourage green building and retrofits
done in a way that is both environmentally and economically sound. Shangri-La
Constructions goal is to create the most sustainable, efficient buildings
possible and to open the door to green construction in sectors that typically
would not give it a second thought.

About Thompson National Properties

Thompson National Properties, LLC provides real estate investment
opportunities and asset management to high net worth domestic, foreign,
individual and institutional investors. As of October 31, 2008 Thompson
National Properties has more than 8.5 million square feet of property under
management. For more information regarding Thompson National Properties,
please visit


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