NFPA Seminar on Explosive Dust Hazards Held at Farr APC

Seminar is Part of Program to Address NFPA Standards for Combustible Dusts as Enforced by OSHA

JONESBORO, Ark., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Farr Air Pollution Control (APC), a leading manufacturer of dust collectors, recently held a three-day technical training seminar on explosion protection. The seminar, which reviewed the hazards of combustible dusts and how to design entire dust collection systems to NFPA standards, is part of a comprehensive program from Farr APC to help customers prevent dust explosions through correct application of NFPA fire and explosibility standards.

The event featured a two-day presentation by a technical expert from the NFPA, followed by speakers from Fike Corporation on explosion venting devices and Farr APC on industrial dust collectors. The attendees included engineers, customers, Farr sales representatives and dealers.

A report on the seminar is available at To access complete information on Farr APC’s combustible dust compliance program, go to: For general company information, visit


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