MassMutual Announces LEED-EB Certification Initiative

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Massachusetts Mutual Life
Insurance Company (MassMutual) announced that it has begun its application to
obtain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings
(LEED-EB) certification for its headquarters in Springfield, Mass. This is
approximately a year-long process that includes replacing more than 500
plumbing fixtures and implementing more efficient lighting to make the 1.4
million square foot headquarters truly green.

“The LEED-EB certification reinforces a long tradition at MassMutual to
reduce our environmental footprint,” said Ricky Swaye, corporate vice
president of Corporate Services at MassMutual.

Throughout everyday business operations, MassMutual strives to reduce its
environmental impact by effectively managing the use of natural resources.
Although the company does not produce products which cause direct
environmental impacts, the company has policies and procedures in place to run
its local operations safely, effectively and efficiently.

As a result of its strong commitment to the environment, MassMutual has
undertaken the following initiatives which support efforts to obtain LEED-EB

— Green water chillers — The drinking water chiller systems have been
upgraded to be more environmentally efficient and save 75,000 gallons of water
per year.

— Data center energy conservation — In order to achieve a more “green”
data center, substantial efforts have been made to improve data center
efficiencies, which have resulted in dramatic reductions in energy consumption
while supporting unprecedented growth.

— Recyclable products — MassMutual has provided over 2,250 refillable
plastic “green” mugs to employees, saving 17,000 large Styrofoam cups per
month (204,000 per year) from the local landfill. The company also purchases
eco-friendly office furniture that promotes good air quality and is made from
recyclable materials.

“We strongly believe that by making our infrastructure eco-friendly, it
will not only be healthier for our employees, but it will also help to
preserve the environment for generations to come,” says Mr. Swaye. “LEED-EB
certification will serve to reinforce our true commitment to the environment.”

In addition to improvements related to the LEED-EB certification,
MassMutual is committed to reducing paper, water and energy consumption on a
daily basis. As an example, this year the company has already reduced its data
center’s electrical growth by 55 percent, compared to 2007, through the use of
technologies including server virtualization, optimization of cooling and
mechanical systems, on-demand ventilation, fugitive airflow reduction and
optimized rack design.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption, the Retirement Services Division
has implemented an e-prospectus delivery program, which encourages plan
participants to receive their prospectus information online instead of on

“MassMutual has made significant progress for the environment with our
green programs and policies thus far, and will continue to do so,” says Swaye.
“It is our hope, through our initiatives and LEED-EB certification efforts
that MassMutual will continue to be a green leader.”

MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing name for Massachusetts Mutual
Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliated companies and sales
representatives. MassMutual and its subsidiaries had more than $500 billion in
assets under management at year-end 2007. Assets under management include
assets and certain external investment funds managed by MassMutual’s

Founded in 1851, MassMutual is a mutually owned financial protection,
accumulation and income management company headquartered in Springfield, Mass.
MassMutual’s major affiliates include: OppenheimerFunds, Inc.; Babson Capital
Management LLC; Baring Asset Management Limited; Cornerstone Real Estate
Advisers LLC; The First Mercantile Trust Company; MML Investors Services,
Inc., member FINRA and SIPC ( and; MassMutual
International LLC and The MassMutual Trust Company, FSB. MassMutual is on the
Internet at

    Contact:  Mark Cybulski

    Laura DeMars


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