It’s All About the Green – Hybrid Gadget Saves Money and the Environment

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Hybrid Light, LC has announced
the launch of its product the Hybrid Solar Lite. This unique light, which
utilizes both the power of the sun and a back-up battery, offers 40 lumens of
light and can be used in any number of circumstances, ranging from general
home use to emergency situations.


With all of the talk out there these days about “greening” your home, your
job, your life, one might wonder how do I take that first step toward a more
sustainable lifestyle — and will it really make a difference? What if I told
you that according to the EPA, over 3 billion batteries are dumped in the
landfills each year? And, what if I told you that an average of 1.7 billion
of those batteries come from flashlights alone? I would venture to say that
cutting back on the consumption of 1.7 billion flashlight batteries would
constitute a rather big difference to be made.

Starting as a grass-roots effort on their website,, this
innovation in environmentally-friendly lighting makes a great gift for the
holiday season that is upon us and is now available at Costco stores across
the nation.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly product, the light is
extremely convenient as well, as it requires no maintenance, no batteries, and
is waterproof up to eighty feet. The light is rechargeable through any light
source via its embedded solar panel, and holds its charge over 3 years
allowing it to be stored anywhere. Because it does not require batteries, it
helps to save money and the environment. The Hybrid Solar Lite comes with a
lifetime guarantee.

In the past several weeks the light has been featured in several media
outlets, including television, newspapers, and blogs, as well as trade shows
involving Hardball’s Chris Matthews, 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley, Actor Tom
Arnold and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, amongst others.



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