Earth Friendly Products Proving President Elect Job-Creation Assertion True

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — When broached about the issue
of job creation, the president elect makes no bones about it: “We’ve got to do
more to create the green jobs that are jobs of the future.” If Earth Friendly
Products is any indication, the President Elect is definitely on to something.
In the past one and a half years, this developer of award-winning eco-friendly
cleaning products has increased its employee base by 10 percent and
anticipates the opening of a new manufacturing facility in the Northwest soon.
This imminent expansion will lead to the creation of even more jobs.

According to the Associated Press, American employers “slashed payrolls by
159,000 in September, the most in more than five years.” This plummet “marked
the ninth straight month that the economy has lost jobs. So far this year,
760,000 jobs have disappeared.”

One firm, however, is bucking this alarming trend and thriving in the face
of a deep recession. Since the “green” boom the President Elect spoke of
began, Earth Friendly Products has hired more employees and handed out extra
bonuses — to the tune of $120,000 over the past summer alone. In the last
year, the company has also added 50 staff members to its payroll, bringing its
employee base to 120. Come the holidays, Earth Friendly Product staffers will
be seeing even more green. That’s because the Vlahakis family, including CEO
Van Vlahakis, President John Vlahakis and Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks Vice President
of Media Relations, plan to reward them with $700,000 in Christmas bonuses —
more than the company has ever handed out.

In addition, Earth Friendly Products’ overtime figures are up, and this
developer of cleaning and personal use products that are derived from
replenishable resources anticipates the opening of a new manufacturing
facility in the Midwest in the near future. In combination, these indicators
spell the need for even more employees.

“My energy plan will put $150 billion over 10 years into establishing a
green energy sector that will create up to five million new jobs over the next
two decades,” asserts the President Elect. Earth Friendly Products is proving
he’s on the right job-creation path.

Visit to learn more about Earth Friendly Products and
their award-winning eco-friendly products.

     Tricia Kent
     Avalon Communications
     (772) 633-8337



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