Mantra Gets Government Support to Tap into UK Business Network

SEATTLE, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – Mantra Venture Group Ltd. (“Mantra”, OTCBB: MVTG, FSE: 5MV) is pleased to announce that it has passed the qualification process for the UK government’s Global Partnership Program and will be provided with partnership matching services by Pera, a European innovation and business support organization. Pera, established over 60 years ago, is a private sector, non-profit company working for the public interest of the communities in which it operates by helping its members establish international partnerships as well as business and technology development processes.

“Pera has been instrumental in developing relationships, products and corporate networks for its members and we are confident that they will help Mantra gain a foothold in the robust European sustainability industry,” commented Larry Kristof, President and CEO of Mantra.

Mantra’s involvement with Pera and the UK government’s Global Partnership Program will provide it with access to an unparalleled network of UK sustainability industry companies as well as scientists and researchers who can help develop Mantra’s products. Pera’s Global Partnerships Unit will review Mantra’s exact requirements and will identify potential candidates; contacting each individually to create a shortlist of interested parties.

“Mantra is honored that the UK government thought highly enough of our achievements to grant us their support. We believe that our co-operation with the Global Partnership Program and Pera can aid in speeding up the commercialization of our carbon reduction technology: ERC, as well as greatly increasing exposure for all of Mantra’s initiatives in the EU,” Kristof stated.

More information on Pera is available on their website:

About ERC

The ERC process, defined as the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon dioxide, combines captured carbon dioxide with water to produce high value materials, such as formic acid and formate salts, which are conventionally obtained from the thermochemical processing of fossil fuels. However, ERC has an advantage over the established thermochemical methods for converting carbon dioxide to liquid fuels.

While thermochemical reactions must be driven at relatively high temperatures that are normally obtained by burning fossil fuels, ERC operates at near ambient conditions and is driven by electric energy that can be taken from an electric power grid supplied by hydro, wind, solar or nuclear energy.

About Mantra:

Mantra, through its group of sustainable energy, carbon reduction and consumer product subsidiaries, is active in the green technology marketplace with an innovative, multi-faceted approach focused on profitability through sustainability. By aggressively seeking out new technologies and innovating solutions for a cleaner earth for everyone, Mantra intends to provide a highly profitable and, more importantly, socially and environmentally responsible investment for its shareholders.

Mantra is a public company quoted on the OTC BB under the symbol MVTG and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol EDV 5MV.

Forward-Looking Statements:

Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters discussed in this press release are forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties. See Mantra Venture Group’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission which identify specific factors that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements.

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